Sofia Foundation for Children’s Safety

Dear Friends, Family, and Supporters,

Since we released our first newsletter, we’ve seen our activity grow significantly: we’ve now reached over 1 million families! We’ve partnered with local and national organizations across non-profit and for-profit sectors, we’ve gotten onto agendas at national conferences, and we’ve started translating campaign materials.

Even as warmer seasons conclude, I’m reminded of the vital importance of spreading the Bag in the Back habit far and wide. Habits only function when they are automatic, so it’s imperative that we maintain campaign momentum throughout the year, to ensure that habit adoption continues, and is maintained by those caring for our children.

As always, we hope you will be as invigorated as we are with the progress we’ve made. We are ever grateful for your continued support, and we look forward to continuing this journey with you, with renewed energy into 2020.

-Karen O

SFCS Highlights

  • Our reach increased by 750K families via Pampers’ hospital program partnership
  • We launched Alerta Sofia in Puerto Rico to reach over 40,000 people
  • We have reached over 1 million families to date with our message!

Local hospitals spread the BiB message

We shared our message with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital at a well attended local event.

Bag in the Back materials are now shared with new parents and caregivers at some 30 pediatric practices in the Cincinnati area!

Alerta Sofia launches at UADM, Puerto Rico

Multichannel campaign (billboards, broadcasts, digital) alerts staff and students throughout the day about vehicular heatstroke. Estimated reach is 40,000 people!

Pampers’ hospital program expands reach

Bag in the Back materials are shared with new parents and caregivers during their hospital stay at delivery, a critical period for education. This increases our reach by 750K families!

Share our materials

Visit our website to watch our video, learn more about vehicular heatstroke and find materials to promote the Bag in the Back habit. Share this widely with friends, family and colleagues.

What’s next?

  • The SFCS message will be shared in 3 major conferences to increase our reach with medical communities: AAPNAP, and PAS
  • We will share campaign materials in Spanish; translation is ongoing
  • We are building a survey for pediatricians to better understand awareness of vehicular heatstroke and BiB and will amend our materials to better spread our message.

We are currently not accepting donations through the website. For any donation inquiries, you can email