For Daycares

Help Us Build A Community of Support!

You see parents and their children every day, so you're in a great position to affect parental habits as they relate to the health of their children. Please join us in the effort to educate parents about the risk of vehicular heat stroke and how to prevent it!

As a daycare provider, here's what you can do:

Talk to parents about vehicular heatstroke and the risk of unknowingly leaving their child in the car

Educate parents about putting a bag, phone, or another item of frequent use in the back seat of the car as a reminder to always open the back door

Display our flyer on the wall in your daycare center and give our brochure to parents when they come to your site

Play our informational video in your waiting area

Call parents or caregivers if their child has not arrived at daycare

Incorporate alerts that inform parents if their child hasn’t been checked out; i.e. the Tadpoles unexpected absence features


Empower & Teach

Protect the lives and wellbeing of infants and children by helping us encourage parents & caregivers to adopt the Bag In Back habit.

Play our informational video in your waiting room to inform parents about the risk of vehicular heatstroke and to educate them about the Bag in the Back habit.

We are currently not accepting donations through the website. For any donation inquiries, you can email