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Since 1998, in the US alone, more than 780 children have died due to vehicular heatstroke; 90% of the cases happen to children between the ages 0 – 3. Most of the cases of unintentional vehicular heatstroke are a result of memory lapses that lead to unknowingly leaving a child in the car.

The Sofia Foundation for Children’s Safety surveyed over 1,000 parents in 2018 to understand what they knew about the threat of vehicular heatstroke compared to other childhood health threats.

Here's what information parents reported that they had received:


Information about infant sleep position


Information about Proper installation of a car seat


Information about Shaken Baby Syndrome


Risk of pediatric vehicular heatstroke and The Bag in the Back Habit


Information about the risk & symptoms of Baby Meningitis

New parents receive a lot of advice, but only 30% of those we surveyed were aware of the threat of vehicular heatstroke and knew to put an item of frequent use in the back seat to prevent leaving a child unknowingly in the car. If parents were better informed about the risk of vehicular heatstroke and encouraged to develop a Bag in the Back habit, how many young lives could we save?


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Protect the lives and wellbeing of infants and children by helping us encourage parents & caregivers to adopt the Bag In Back habit.

Play our informational video in your waiting room to inform parents about the risk of vehicular heatstroke and to educate them about the Bag in the Back habit.

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